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Article: Get Mentally Prepared

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Article: Stop Slicing! Play A Sidehill Lie

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Article: Better Legwork

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Article: Controlling Trajectory

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Article: Hitting Into The Wind

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Article: The Spinal Twist

Article: Say What?

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Article: Dial In Your Swing Plane

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Article: Slo-Mo Golf Swings

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Article: Throw Some Clubs!

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Article: Get Your Weight Forward

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Article: Eyes Off The Ball

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Article: Grip Pressure Control

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Article: Flat Left Wrist Drill

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Article: Myth Busted!

After about 10 club tosses, take notice of where you naturally set your backswing position and the amount of tension in your left arm.

Article: Drive Time

When you address the ball, your driver head naturally rests on the turf. But since the ball is elevated on a tee, your club isn't exactly "square" to the ball.

Article: Ben Curtis

In case you haven't noticed, Ben Curtis has resurrected his golf game (he won the British Open nearly 10 years ago) and has become one of the top money winners so far this PGA Tour season. ...

Article: Drop The Box

Along with a poor and weak grip, one of the biggest mistakes I see many of my students make is having bad posture at address.

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Article: Take A Seat

I call it the Take a Seat drill, and how it works is simple.

Article: 5 Keys

During the last 100 years, the game's best players have exhibited a few similarities, which most golfers aren't aware of.

Article: Card Game

No, I'm not playing a game of cards, but I am holding a couple in these photos.

Article: Core 4

Hitting better iron shots is key if you want to shoot lower scores. It's really the great equalizer if you will—the link from the tee box to the green.

Article: In Case Of Emergency Break Glass

When things start going sour out on the golf course, it's critical you get to the root of your problems and get back on track as fast as possible.

Article: Polish Up Your Finish

One of the best ways to get your swing in check is to focus on your finish position.

Article: Quick Draw

Wouldn't it be great if every golf hole was exactly the same?

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Article: Start Ahead

We all know that powerful drivers of the golf ball have great extension of the arms past the golf ball.

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Article: The Sequence

With the advent of swing-analysis apps for laptops, smartphones and tablets, it's now easier than ever to record and analyze your golf swing.

Article: One-Club Wonder!

A typical 6-iron has a loft of 30°, which places it between your pitching wedge (48°) and driver (approximately 9°).

Article: Ballpark It!

When it comes to making a golf swing, it's safe to say that there's really no one right way to do it. When it...

Article: Increase Your Smash Factor

The average amateur has a smash factor of about 1.20. What's this mean?

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