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Article: Women's Myth Busters

In my experience running women's golf clinics and camps, and conducting hundreds of individual lessons, I've accumulated the top common myths women have picked up while learning the game.

Article: Just Think About...

To play better, try and think less. That doesn't mean shut your brain off completely.

Article: Target Golf

In today's golf climate, it seems everyone is fixated on distance. Troon North Golf Club Scottsdale,...

Article: Stay Back To Bash It

When we talk about the golf swing, oftentimes, as both students and instructors, we become overly fixated on moving our body toward the target.

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Article: Own Your Focus

Your focus is your most precious asset when playing golf. Your focus is your most precious asset when playing...

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Article: Slapshot

Have you ever wondered why so many hockey players are also good golfers?

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Article: The New Rules

Trackman data has helped instructors like me see the golf swing in a whole new light, especially as it relates to the part of the swing that's hardest to see: impact.

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Article: Shots To Score By!

If you really want to shoot lower scores, it's imperative that you learn the shots on the golf course you need to prevent big numbers from occurring.

Article: Learn Like A Junior!

One of my favorite things about teaching junior players is knowing that they don't have any preconceived notions about what they think the golf swing should look and feel like.

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Article: Practice Like A Pro

When practicing out on the range, it's important you remember to be in a training mind-set, not necessarily a playing one.

Article: Play Ugly, Score Beautifully

When it comes to playing golf, one thing is for sure: Rarely are two days ever the same. Some days, your swing is grooving nicely and you can't miss.

Article: The Truth About Ball Flight

By now, you've probably seen and heard a fair share of video commentaries on the golf swing, notably, those midround reviews of Tour players during tournament broadcasts.

Article: Fearless Golf!

Fear can be a great detriment not only to the mind, but also to how the body performs.

Article: Stroke Saver: Seven Key Stretches

To help swing the club with the necessary torso stabilization, the dynamic lunge is an awesome stretch.

Article: BackSpin: Common Mental Mistakes

There's a lot of downtime in golf, which allows our minds to wander.

Article: Play Like A Player!

So you think you're a player? If so, then I have some news for you.

Article: Play The Right Hand

Ideally, what you want is to neutralize either your slicing or hooking tendencies by balancing out the pressure in your right hand.

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Article: Ground Up vs. Top Down

As golfers, we're a blessed bunch to be able to play our favorite game over miles and miles of manicured turf.

Article: Ian Poulter

There's no doubt Ian Poulter can golf his ball. There's no doubt Ian Poulter can golf his ball....

Article: Bust Bad Habits!

In golf, there are two mistakes you can make. The first is a mistake that's easy to identify.

Article: Dot Your Impact

The number-one fundamental that all great ballstrikers know is critical for hitting better shots is centeredness of contact.

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Article: The Ten Best Swing Tips

By now, you've probably heard every tip in the book, right?

Article: Don't Keep Your Head Down!

Article: Better Posture

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Article: Course Management

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Article: Awkward Bunker Shot

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Article: Focus on the Target

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Article: Mental Game: Training vs Trusting

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Article: Use A Tee For More Control

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Article: The One-Leg Drill

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