Article: We Tried It: Odyssey Flip Face And Ping Nome

It's pretty cool to be a putter these days. It's pretty cool to be a putter these days. Anything goes when it comes to...

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Article: Wedge School

Is there any piece of equipment to which we pay less attention?

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Article: Drain It

I bet if you stood 10 feet away from me, you could easily toss me a golf ball and wouldn't be short or long with your throw.

Article: Storm The Fairway

The latest crop of new fairway woods that are primed for more powerful shots are all the rage this year.

Article: Five Questions With Kim Braly, Director Of R&D & Tour Operations, KBS Shafts

Reshafting irons is way less sexy than a driver, or this year, a 3-wood, as every golfer from Tour-caliber to your average player is searching for extra yardage off the tee.

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Article: We Tried It: TaylorMade Rocketballz Fairway Woods

As if you haven't heard of these clubs yet (how could you not?), the new RocketBallz (RBZ) line from TaylorMade promises big distance, especially in the new fairway woods.

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Article: One-Club Wonder!

A typical 6-iron has a loft of 30°, which places it between your pitching wedge (48°) and driver (approximately 9°).

Article: Five Questions With Tour Edge Vice President Of Marketing/Relations, Jay Hubbard

Long-hitting fairway woods are popular this year, and Tour Edge has one of the longest. 1.  Long-hitting fairway woods are popular this year, and Tour Edge has...

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Article: We Tried It: Four New Products, To The Test

As anybody who has played with Winn Grips can attest, they look and feel different than other grips.

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Article: We Tried It: Bridgestone J40 Irons

Right now, when you think of the Bridgestone brand as it pertains to golf, odds are you think of the hot, new B330 and eSeries golf balls, both of which have become pretty popular these days. ...

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Article: May 2012

Article: Hot Or Not?

It's a new year, a new golf season, and if you read enough of this magazine, hopefully a new golf game that's better than ever. It's a new year, a new golf season, and if you read enough of this magazine, hopefully a new golf game...

Article: Five Questions With Bridgestone Golf

Things are looking up at Bridgestone, with a handful of new SKUs for golfers to choose from.

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Article: PING i20 Series

When PING introduced the game-improvement G20 series last year, we were wondering how much longer we'd have to wait to wrap our hands around the successor to the i15 line.

Article: April 2012

Article: We Tried It: Cleveland Classic

When we first saw the new Cleveland Classic driver in person—better yet, in sunlight—we were amazed. Amazed first at how big a risk Cleveland was willing to take on a retro finish, and second, at how starkly different it looked from most modern-day...

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Article: Should You Join The 3-Wood Revival?

Distance sells these days, because it's sexy. And multiple savvy club manufacturers are bombarding you with ads for their new and strong 3-woods.

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Article: 2012 Buyer's Guide Shoes And Accessories

In this section, we highlight a number of this year's best accessories, from comfortable shoes to talking GPS units. The future is now.

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Article: 2012 Buyer's Guide Wedges

Virtually every new wedge for 2012 promises to help you improve your short game and get up and down more often.

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Article: Five Questions With Srixon

The advancements in cover technology is the main reason for the improved durability.

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Article: Five Questions With Fujikura Golf

Our biggest initiative is to better educate all golfers on the importance of a precision shaft fitting.

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Article: 2012 Buyer's Guide Irons

Today's new irons are better than ever, with several new and very forgiving models to choose from.

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Article: 2012 Buyer's Guide Woods

This year marks the first year that we've seen fairway woods truly marketed as driver alternatives.

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Article: 2012 Buyer's Guide Drivers

The year's crop of new drivers are longer and lighter than ever!

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Article: Determining Your Set Makeup

You need to have a distinct set makeup, one that saves your swing and game. You need to have a distinct set...

Article: A Blueprint For Shaft Buying

There's no doubt that getting the right shaft for each of your clubs can make a world of difference in your ballflight. ...

Article: Five Questions With Winn Grips

How did Winn start? How has the company's mission changed over the years?

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Article: Five Questions With Cleveland Golf

Forged, huh? We've seen quite a few new forged wedges, not just from Cleveland, but from other companies, as well. What sets yours apart from the crowd?

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Article: Five Questions With PING

What is your flagship product (or product line) this year? How is it different from/better than anything we've seen from PING before?