Article: 2010 Buyer's Guide Woods

Looking to finally reach that long par-5 in two? How about actually hitting the green from 200 yards away, in the rough? ...

Article: 2010 Buyer's Guide Drivers

2010 is a great year to buy a new driver. Manufacturers have (with a few exceptions) returned to more traditionally shaped clubs, stock driver shafts are better than ever (though certainly not as high performing as a premium fitted one), and prices...

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Article: May 2010

Article: We Tried It 2010

Featuring a radical triangular design (buh-bye square), this driver is dubbed by Callaway as the company’s longest and straightest driver ever. ...

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Article: Hot New Golf Balls

In what could be the biggest surprise hit of 2010 (if not the last few years), the new Z-Star (and Z-Star X) Tour Yellow quickly has become one of the most coveted golf balls worldwide.

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Article: 2010 Buyer's Guide Irons

Who has the hot new irons in 2010? Who doesn’t?

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Article: April 2010

Article: Easy On Your Hands

Sure, the economy’s tough right now. But just because many golfers can’t justify buying a new set of clubs at the moment, that shouldn’t stop them from playing clubs that feel factory fresh.

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Article: What’s Hot In 2010

The WORD from Nate Radcliffe, metalwoods development manager in Cleveland’s R&D division: The rules of the modern game govern energy transfer, stability and other key design variables, but historically the weight and balance point of the golf club h...

Article: Showcase: TaylorMade xFT Wedge

TaylorMade’s most innovative offering for 2010 is the xFT (Exchangeable Face Technology) wedge ($129).

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Article: March 2010

Bridgestone has revamped its e-Series golf balls ($26/dozen). The two-piece e5 has a softer urethane cover and a reworked dimple pattern for a higher ballflight, while the three-piece e6 has a new inner layer that cuts sidespin for straighter, longer...

Article: Clubfitting 101

It’s easy to envy PGA Tour pros– especially ones who win tournaments and earn big prize money. Not only do they get to play great courses, but they receive the royal treatment wherever they go.

Article: 5 Questions on Shaft Fitting

Driver shaft-fitting is arguably the most important part of the club-fitting process.

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Article: We Tried It

At first we struggled to upload courses onto the Swami by Izzo Golf because we’re on a Mac, and the Swami is only PC compatible. ...

Article: Sneak Peek 2010

The first five-layer golf ball, TaylorMade’s Penta TP combines the best characteristics of the company’s TP Red and Black balls. ...

Article: November-December 2009

From STX, the company that revolutionized lacrosse, comes the Envision TR ($199) putter. Designed by Bob Engman (a sculptor whose work is in MOMA’s permanent collection) the Envision TR features square angles and alignment lines to ensure golfers a...

Article: Showcase: Ping G15 and i15

This year, PING celebrated 50 years of delivering groundbreaking golf equipment. Recently, they unveiled their most comprehensive product offering in company history.

Article: 2009 Shafts Buyer's Guide

Shafts might just be the most misunderstood piece of golf equipment. Shafts might just be the most misunderstood piece of...

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Article: 2009 Woods Buyer's Guide

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Article: Showcase: Milled Putters

One of the most beautiful pieces of golf equipment is the putter. In fact, a finely crafted milled putter is often considered a work of art among golf club aficionados. ...

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Article: July-August 2009