Article: We Tried It: The Serola Belt

When one of the greatest players in the history of the game has his career impacted by back problems, people pay attention.

Article: July 2014

Article: Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Precision Pro V400 Rangefinder gives you precision distance without spending an arm and a leg.

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Article: June 2014

Article: Equipment Q&A

Our goal with the Smart Square putter was to improve on putter alignment.

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Article: Wedges/Putters

A versatile Tour-proven design that generates lots of spin.

Also labeled: Buyers Guide, Putters, Wedges

Article: May 2014

Article: 2014 Buyer's Guide Shafts

Either way, get yourself fit for shafts that fit your swing speed and tempo. LOAD...

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Article: Showcase: Srixon Z-Star

In case you haven't noticed, Keegan Bradley is crushing the ball this year. In case you haven't noticed,...

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Article: August 2013

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Article: July 2013

We live—and play golf—in a high-tech world.

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Article: June 2013

The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more.

Article: Buyer's Guide Wedges/Putters

The latest in wedges and putters.

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Article: We Tried It: Volvik Crystal & Vista iV

One of the best perks that comes from being an equipment editor is having the chance to test and try different pieces of equipment.

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Article: Cleveland XL Custom Driver

In an effort to help golfers like you and me find the perfect trajectory for our tee shots, virtually every major equipment manufacturer has hopped aboard the adjustability bandwagon. ...

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Article: May 2013

Now Playing: Dead Aim Putter, Srixon Q-Star, Taylormade Lethal

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Article: April 2013

Now Playing: Cleveland RTX Wedges, Taylormade R1 & Ping G25 Irons

Article: 2013 Buyer's Guide Shoes

In this section, we highlight a number of this year's best comfortable shoes.

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Article: 2013 Buyer's Guide Grips

Again, this year has a slew of new offerings, including a variety of new styles, colors, shapes and materials to choose from.

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Article: 2013 Buyer's Guide Shafts

Even after years of preaching it in the pages of Golf Tips, it seems many golfers still ignore the most critical component of the golf club.

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Article: 2013 Buyer's Guide Balls

2013 looks to keep going where 2012 left off, as far as golf balls are concerned.

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Article: 2013 Buyer's Guide Putters

This year's models are as varied as ever, with blades, mallets and everything in between.

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Article: 2013 Buyer's Guide Wedges

The latest in wedges is a mixed bag.

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Article: 2013 Buyer's Guide Irons

The irons in your bag deserve some proper attention this year.

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Article: 2013 Buyer's Guide Woods

Woods are still a popular category, much like what we saw in 2012.

Also labeled: Woods

Article: 2013 Buyer's Guide Drivers

If you thought color was just a passing fad, think again. It's back in 2013, in greater varieties than before.

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Article: November-December 2012

Also labeled: Training Aids

Article: Shaft Exchange

In case you haven't noticed, there has been a mini-renaissance occurring among the professional players on Tour.

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Article: Synching Your Lesson With Clubfitting

A good clubfitting session should always entail some kind of instruction.

Article: August 2012