Article: Ready To Rip

So, to really nuke your next drive, rehearse a few practice swings with the club held across your shoulders as I'm doing here. ...

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Article: Target Golf

In today's golf climate, it seems everyone is fixated on distance. Troon North Golf Club Scottsdale,...

Article: Stay Back To Bash It

When we talk about the golf swing, oftentimes, as both students and instructors, we become overly fixated on moving our body toward the target.

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Article: Miss The Box

Angle of attack is the direction the clubhead travels into the back of the ball. Angle of attack is the...

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Article: Get Long Fly Straight

Bashing drives down the fairway is the best part of golf. Bashing drives down the fairway is the best part of golf....

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Article: Long Game: Ready To Rip

If you asked me what I think is the best part about playing golf, I'm going to always say that it's having the ability to pound the golf ball as hard as you can.

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Article: Pump It Up!

Everyone loves big, booming drives. In fact, I challenge you to find any golfer who's willing to give up even an inch of that precious driving yardage.

Article: Play Ugly, Score Beautifully

When it comes to playing golf, one thing is for sure: Rarely are two days ever the same. Some days, your swing is grooving nicely and you can't miss.

Article: BackSpin: Common Mental Mistakes

There's a lot of downtime in golf, which allows our minds to wander.

Article: Long Game: Trust Your Decision

I play in a lot of pro-ams with amateurs, and one of the most common errors I see is when players don't make the right shot decision before they hit the ball.

Article: Play The Right Hand

Ideally, what you want is to neutralize either your slicing or hooking tendencies by balancing out the pressure in your right hand.

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Article: Keegan Bradley

Keegan Bradley, ranked 9th in the world, is one of the best drivers of the golf ball.

Article: Throw A Fastball

The golf swing is an athletic move.

Article: Bust Bad Habits!

In golf, there are two mistakes you can make. The first is a mistake that's easy to identify.

Article: Bubba Watson

We all know that Bubba Watson is one of the longest drivers on this planet.

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Article: The One-Leg Drill

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Article: Tuck In Your Shirt!

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Article: Perfect Your Angle of Attack

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Article: Stop Slicing!

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Article: Lose Your Slice

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Article: Dial In Your Swing Plane

Article: Add Some Lag

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Article: Ascending Impact

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Article: Understanding The Pivot

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Article: Grip Pressure Control

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Article: Learn To Focus

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Article: Myth Busted!

After about 10 club tosses, take notice of where you naturally set your backswing position and the amount of tension in your left arm.

Article: Drive Time

When you address the ball, your driver head naturally rests on the turf. But since the ball is elevated on a tee, your club isn't exactly "square" to the ball.

Article: Card Game

No, I'm not playing a game of cards, but I am holding a couple in these photos.

Article: In Case Of Emergency Break Glass

When things start going sour out on the golf course, it's critical you get to the root of your problems and get back on track as fast as possible.