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Article: High-Performance Golf Balls

Do we really need to describe these golf balls to you? If you're looking for the latest in our-level performance in a golf...

Article: May 2014

Article: We Tried It: Mizuno JPX EZ Forged And Volvik Vista iS

We choose this format of test, based not only on combined decades of experience testing new gear, but because it's the most real-world, applicable form of testing we think our readers want to know about.

Also labeled: Irons

Article: 2014 Buyer's Guide Balls

Today, there are tons of golf balls to choose from, ranging from Tour-caliber to distance ball, with a wide spectrum of golf balls somewhere in between.

Also labeled: Buyers Guide

Article: Showcase: Srixon Z-Star

In case you haven't noticed, Keegan Bradley is crushing the ball this year. In case you haven't noticed,...

Also labeled: Equipment

Article: Balls & Shafts

Even after years of preaching it in the pages of Golf Tips, it seems many golfers still ignore the most critical component of the golf club.

Also labeled: Shafts

Article: We Tried It: Volvik Crystal & Vista iV

One of the best perks that comes from being an equipment editor is having the chance to test and try different pieces of equipment.

Also labeled: Equipment

Article: May 2013

Now Playing: Dead Aim Putter, Srixon Q-Star, Taylormade Lethal

Also labeled: Clubs, Equipment, Grips, Putters, Shoes

Article: 2013 Buyer's Guide Balls

2013 looks to keep going where 2012 left off, as far as golf balls are concerned.

Also labeled: Equipment

Article: Five Questions With Tour Edge Vice President Of Marketing/Relations, Jay Hubbard

Long-hitting fairway woods are popular this year, and Tour Edge has one of the longest. 1.  Long-hitting fairway woods are popular this year, and Tour Edge has...

Also labeled: Drivers, Equipment, Fairway Woods, Irons

Article: May 2012

Article: Hot Or Not?

It's a new year, a new golf season, and if you read enough of this magazine, hopefully a new golf game that's better than ever. It's a new year, a new golf season, and if you read enough of this magazine, hopefully a new golf game...

Article: Five Questions With Bridgestone Golf

Things are looking up at Bridgestone, with a handful of new SKUs for golfers to choose from.

Article: Five Questions With Srixon

The advancements in cover technology is the main reason for the improved durability.

Also labeled: Equipment

Article: Where Will You Be 5 Years From Now?

What's your take on the state of the equipment industry right now?

Article: November-December 2011

Article: Sneak Peak 2012

With the success of TaylorMade's white R11 and Burner drivers, it only makes sense that we'll see more of the color in 2012—and not just on clubheads.

Article: Polara Golf Balls

If you're a recreational golfer who tends to find the rough more than the fairway, your fast track to straighter shots has arrived.

Also labeled: Equipment

Article: June 2011

Best Bets For Father’s Day

Article: Cool, Calm & Colored

Here’s a trivia question for you. Who was the first player to win a PGA Tournament with a colored golf ball?

Also labeled: Equipment

Article: 2011 Buyer's Guide Balls

This year, golf balls fall within a wide price range, from the highly affordable Top-Flite D2+ series ($16/dozen) to the premium Dixon Fire balls ($75/dozen).

Also labeled: Buyers Guide, Buying, Equipment

Article: March 2011

With 16 models to choose from, Cleveland’s new Classic Collection ($79) offers something for everyone.

Article: Golf Tips’ Tech Awards 2010

The year 2010 certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to great new stuff, as we witnessed a slew of new products and technologies that made a big difference in how the game is played.

Article: Sneak Peak 2011

If you’re like most avid golfers, you’re already looking ahead and wondering what cool gear is coming in 2011 to help you lower your index. ...

Article: We Tried It: Bridgestone B330 & B330-S

The new Bridgestone B330 and B330-S (yes, the 2011 models are new versions of both golf balls) are an amalgam of distance and spin designed for better players.

Also labeled: Equipment

Article: November-December 2010

Article: 2010 Buyer's Guide Balls

Use our guide to find the one that best matches your player profile. Put it into play, and enjoy the day.

Also labeled: Equipment, New And Notable

Article: May 2010

Article: Hot New Golf Balls

In what could be the biggest surprise hit of 2010 (if not the last few years), the new Z-Star (and Z-Star X) Tour Yellow quickly has become one of the most coveted golf balls worldwide.

Also labeled: Equipment

Article: April 2010