Training Aids

Inside Approach
Sowerwine Golf Solutions | Distance/Slicing | $59.98      
Inside ApproachDescription: The Slice Correction Trainer rids your golf swing of the over-the-top approach which causes a slice. Watch the BONUS instructional DVD featuring Jack Nicklaus and Jim Sowerwine, then begin training with the Inside Approach Slice Correction Trainer. Place the ball under the cushion and take your natural swing. A correct swing path (in-to-out) will miss the cushion. An incorrect swing path (out-to-in) will hit the cushion and cause it to safely breakaway. Snap the cushion back on for your next practice swing. “It’s simple, it’s easy to use and it’s going to help golfers of all levels.” – Jack Nicklaus.
Special Features: This Jack Nicklaus-endorsed Slice Correction Trainer is Golf Digest’s Editors’ Choice for the #1 Swing Trainer in 2004 AND 2005! Guaranteed to Cure Your Slice and Increase Your Distance 22.3 yards on average in 6 swings or less. Useful with every club in your bag. Works for right- and left-handed golfers of all levels. Inside Approach is used by players on every PGA tour as well as  by weekend golfers.

Contact: (888) 947-9464,      

The Golfer’s Footprint™ Swing Trainer
The Golfer’s Footprint, Inc. | Full Swing | $32.50      
Golfer's FootprintDescription: Set up for success with this simple-to-use hitting mat that helps you standardize your practice station and practice routines. Hit right off the plastic surface and learn to align to the target line, square your clubface and develop the inside power swing that the pros use. Keep it simple—just follow the arrows to take control of the ball and your swing. Now available in left- and right-handed models.
Special Features: Made of high-impact plastic, the hitting board focuses on the fundamentals and helps you learn how to control the ball the first time you use it. Hitting a draw or fade is easy when you follow the colored arrows. The GFi Swing Trainer works in backyards, on driving ranges and for pre-game warm-ups. It is a professional golf lesson that goes anywhere!

Contact: The Golfer’s Footprint, (866) GOLF-113, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,      
Swing Speed Radar™
Sports Sensors | Speed | $149.95      
Swing Speed RadarDescription: The new Swing Speed Radar™ with Tempo Timer lets you measure your actual swing tempo, from takeaway to ball impact, and your clubhead speed. Use it on the driving range or during practice to achieve your best distance, control, accuracy and consistency. It’s the ideal portable tool for professional clubmakers and instructors, as well as serious golfers of all ages!
Special Features: Put an end to your golf tempo tantrums. Optimize your ballstriking performance with your own personal radar velocity sensor for immediate swing feedback.

Contact: Sports Sensors, Inc., P.O. Box 46198, Cincinnati, OH 45246-0198, (888) 542-9246,      



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