Training Aids

GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer
GolfGym LLC | Strength/Accuracy/Balance | $39.95      
Golf GymDescription: The Original GolfGym®, since 1987. Deceivingly simple. Ingeniously designed. Incredibly effective. GolfGym PowerSwing Trainers are portable, golf-specific training and conditioning tools for developing muscle memory, strength and flexibility. Choose from two versions—the Masters, with three PowerCords (light, medium, heavy) or the Personal, with your choice of one PowerCord. Both units include a quick-start DVD with a special feature hosted by GolfGym partner Katherine Roberts.
Special Features: GolfGym PowerSwing Trainers help you improve club control and shot accuracy, develop proper swing habits and muscle memory, and build strength and develop better balance to add distance to your shots. Each package also includes a quick-start DVD that expertly demonstrates each of the key exercises.

Contact: (877) 446-5349, (714) 437-1299,      
Impact Bag™
Golf Around the World, Inc. | Full Swing | $39.95      
Impact BagDescription: Designed by PGA Master professional Dr. Gary Wiren, Impact Bag freezes the golf club at impact, creating a tangible, repeatable feeling of a correct position at impact. You’ll develop a strong turn into the shot while preventing the collapse of your leading wrist. Eliminate common flaws and hit the ball straighter than ever before. Impact Bag is a sure cure for any slice!
Special Features: The Impact Bag helps golfers where it matters most—the moment of impact. With the Impact Bag, golfers are able to get an exact feel of where their hands, arms, legs and feet should be at the moment the club meets the ball. Enables golfers the opportunity to fine-tune their impact position. Available at your local golf retail store.

Contact: GAW Staff, (800) 824-4279, (561) 848-8896, FAX (561) 848-0870, info@golfaroundthe,


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SwingView Pro 5™
Swing Technologies | Full Swing/Short Game | $899      
Swingview Pro 5Description: Attention teachers. Swing Technologies’ latest analysis program includes a built-in e-mail program, PDF file generation, CD-burning program with free student viewer program, and the best support in the industry. Advanced features like automatic motion-based video capture and drawing animation helper make this program second-to-none. Plug in a DV cameria (via FireWire) and get ready to impress.
Special Features: Includes three programs in one. SwingView Pro features swing, drill and screen-recording modes, dual-camera capture, side-by-side and overlay comparison and extensive drawing tools. By purchasing SVP version 5, you will also receive SwingWatch Live and SwingCoach Live free of charge. Your students can download SwingCoach Live from: Call us to have your questions answered and get a fully functional demo.

Contact: Golf Around the World, Inc., (800) 824-4279, Request a free download link: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,      
Line-M-Up Pro
Green Keepers, Inc. | Stroke Saver | $9.49      
Line-M-Up ProDescription: Used by touring professionals to save strokes from tee to green, Line-M-Up Pro fits on any golf ball to draw a multitude of different marking options for your preferred visual alignment. Use the marking to establish your aim line. Confident of the line, you are free to concentrate on stroke and speed.
Special Features: Serves as both a playing and training aid. As a training aid, Line-M-Up Pro gives you a visual guide to determine when a square stroke is made. When struck well, the line on the ball will appear straight. When poorly struck, the line will appear to wobble. As a playing aid, Line-M-Up Pro conforms to USGA rules and will help improve your score.

Contact: (800) 317-2663, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,      


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