50 Best Playing Tips

Easy keys for making the most of every swing during every round

Obey The 18. Calm The Savage Beast
When you have your best swing, anchor it to a piece of music by using your Walkman while you practice. Once the link between your music and your best swing is established, then everywhere the one goes, the other follows. Put on the music when you game slips and your best swing will reappear.

19. Obey The “C” Line
To think like a champion golfer, draw an imaginary line between you and your ball on every shot. Call it the “C” line for the commitment you’re going to make to the shot before you cross it and step to your ball. Once you’ve made your shot selection and it’s clear in your mind, cross the line and take your address position. If you lose your commitment, step back behind the “C” line and start the process all over again.

Body In Balance20. Over Look The Ball
Web Tip: The Correct Head Movement Every Swing Needs
During a good golf swing, your head makes its own mini-swing. Certainly, it doesn’t remain rigid.

Your head should rotate in the same manner as your front shoulder—away from the ball during the backswing and toward it during the downswing. This rotation shouldn’t be confused with moving the head forward. Moving the head forward, or up or down during the downswing, can cause a myriad of problems. The head should rotate in its place until the power of your swing pulls your body forward and up into the finish.
Think of it this way: During the downswing, your head should release. When you release your head correctly, you’ll look “over” the ball as it flies away and track its path immediately from the point of contact. If you hold your head rigid, you’ll look “under” the ball and hinder your weight shift.

21. Get Your Body In Balance
Hit a few balls left-handed during every warm-up session by turning over your 7-iron. In so doing, you’ll accomplish two things: 1) You’ll practice an awkward shot that could save strokes in an emergency and; 2) Since your golf swing is two-sided, you’ll strengthen the golf muscles on both sides of your body equally to keep your body in balance.


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