50 Best Playing Tips

Easy keys for making the most of every swing during every round

Make It Your Scene 50. Beat The Architect
It’s a favorite strategy of architects to either surround the green with some very large trees—which make the green look closer—or place nothing around it so it looks farther away. This creates confusion in your mind because the “card yardage” and the “eye yardage” don’t match. When this happens, do two things: 1) Find the exact yardage; and 2) Make a commitment to the club you chose based on that distance.

51. Make It Your Scene
You can make your opponents bigger, smaller, stronger, weaker—it’s all up to you. You can make trouble shrink in your mind’s eye, or it can loom large. The good news is that controlling the “loom” is a learned skill. Dedicate the next five rounds to noting the trouble, then shrinking it so what looms for each swing are your targets.

PGA professional and Senior Instruction Editor Dr. T.J. Tomasi is the Director of Instruction at Lyman Orchards GC in Middlefield, Conn.



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