4 Ways To Score With A Hybrid



#4 Against The Collar
Before you opt to putt or chip from a spot where the ball is resting against the collar, consider the benefits of a hybrid. For one thing, a hybrid has a longer, wider sole that can help push the grass down behind the ball, making it easier to make solid contact. As a result, there’s a greater margin for error than with a wedge or putter that can easily slip underneath the ball or get stuck in the grass. To play this shot, address the ball with a putter-style grip, only this time, don’t choke up as much. With the ball in the back of your stance, press the hands forward. On the backswing, cock your wrists to lift the clubhead slightly and then swing downward on the downswing. Unlike the bump-and-run, which is more of a body stroke than a wristy one, allow your wrists to hinge slightly to help lift the club away from the collar on the backswing. On the downswing, the ball will pop and roll in a hurry, so be sure to read the green! 

Frank O’Connell, PGA, is a 10-year teaching veteran based at the beautiful We-Ko-Pa Golf Club near Scottsdale, Ariz. For more info on booking a lesson, visit www.wekopa.com.

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