4 Ways To Score With A Hybrid

#2 Bump And Run
One of the best ways to ensure consistency around the greens is to keep the ball as low to the ground as possible. With a hybrid, you’re assured that the ball will start rolling really quickly, making it easier to gauge how far the ball will roll. The key to hitting successful bump-and-run shots begins with choking down on the grip and holding the club with a putting-style grip. The trick with this shot is to emulate a body-driven putting stroke. To further encourage greater accuracy, opt for the square-to-square stroke as shown here. This will help you get the ball rolling in the right direction. As for the hands, limiting excessive wrist movement will make it a lot easier to gauge speed and distance, helping you to hit the ball more consistently and get up and down more often.




#3 Above The Pin
When you barely miss the green and end up in light rough on the high side of the hole, don’t assume the putt or lob shot are your only choices. Another option is a shot that’s more likely to lend a desirable result. Like the previous shot that encourages roll, the chip from above the pin does the same. The key is in knowing where to get the ball rolling. Begin by making sure there’s room to get the club behind the ball. Address the ball like you would a standard chip, with your hands slightly forward, the majority of your weight on your forward side and your head directly over the ball. With a confident stroke, chip the ball so it lands in the rough, not the fringe or green. The extra momentum of the hybrid will cause the ball to roll forward even after hitting the rough, which will then slow the ball down so that it will roll softly onto the green. It’s a safer shot than a wedge from a downhill lie, that’s for sure!



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