4 Ways To Score With A Hybrid

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Learn These Key Shots To Shoot Lower Scores
By now, you’ve probably realized that hybrid clubs are a lot easier to hit than traditionally shaped long irons. The ball flies higher and lands softer with a hybrid, making them ideal for shots deep in the fairway that require a soft landing on the green. But what you may not know is hybrid clubs are also designed to perform well from a variety of other locations on the golf course. From the rough, the fringe, even the bunker—the hybrid can be an effective tool for saving your score. Let’s look at four ways to use it, and in no time, you’ll be reaping the rewards of one of the most versatile clubs in the bag.

The proper ball position relative to your stance is extremely important when playing this shot from a bunker. If the ball is too far back, you’ll top it—too far forward, you’re going to hit it fat. The right position is to situate the ball a half-inch to one-inch back of where you normally would play your hybrid shot. As you swing, keep your feet planted in the sand as much as possible to prevent slipping and keep your weight in a centered position throughout the swing. This will help steepen your swing to ensure ball-first contact. Truth is, hitting a hybrid from the bunker isn’t much different from hitting a regular shot, as long as you make the minor adjustments in your ball position before you make a swing. From there, swing and accelerate through the ball!







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