Four shots that will save you eight strokes

A great way to cut strokes from your score is to become deadly with your favorite wedge. Pick a specific distance and learn to make consistent, ball-first contact, and soon enough, you’ll find you have a shot you can rely on regularly.

Save 2 Strokes, Develop Deadly Distance

The second shot you need to learn is what I like to call the “deadly distance shot.” To begin, simply choose your favorite wedge (sand, gap or pitching) and learn to make solid, ball-first contact on a consistent basis, or what I call “the squash.” This is what occurs to the ball when you strike it with a proper, descending blow and compress it between the clubhead and the ground. To learn this type of contact, use the Board of Correction (seen at left and below). Place the golf ball an inch or two in front of the board’s edge, in the middle of the slot, and start hitting balls. Swing too shallow and you’ll hit the board, swing too steep and you’ll hit the ground before the ball. Once you’re able to “squash” the ball every time, find a dependable yardage marker (or GPS unit) and find out exactly how far you hit it.

Save 2 Strokes, Learn To Putt With Your Hybrid
As we all know, most strokes in golf are lost within 100 yards of the green. Of those strokes, more are wasted around and on the green than anywhere else. A great method of saving a good number of these shots is to learn what I call the “hybrid putt.” Next time your ball comes to rest on any type of tight lie around the green, take your hybrid and set up to the ball with your putting grip. Don’t hesitate to choke down a bit on the club, as they’re quite a bit longer than the standard wedge. Once you feel comfortable, simply visualize your target on the green (these shots will travel like low chips that release quickly) and make a normal putting stroke with a medium tempo.

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The design of a hybrid club makes it perfect for short shots around the green. The sole is much wider than that of an iron, which helps prevent chili-dips and skulled shots. Also, the CG of a hybrid is fairly low and deep, which promotes overspin.


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