How To Hit The Water Blast

Treat This Golf Shot Like a Buried Bunker Blast To Get High And Dry

We all remember PGA Tour player Bill Haas’ incredible water blast shot at the FedEx Cup that won him the championship a few years back. He made it look easy (as they all seem to do!). This shot is actually not as hard as it may look to the typical weekend golfer. I usually will Read more…

Let Your Golf Swing Go Downhill

Do This To Overcome A Tough Lie

Unlike most other major sports, not all golf is played on a flat surface. That’s just one of many reasons it’s such challenging and fascinating game. But how many practice ranges actually offer uphill and downhill shots? Not many, though such lies come up all the time during an 18-hole round — including the all-too-familiar Read more…

2 Cool Trouble Shots

Master these Houdini-like escapes and you’ll be smiling your way to par
2 Cool Trouble Shots

Most of us can recall a particularly dicey situation during a recent round of golf. Probably plenty of them over the years. After all, getting in and out of trouble is one of the chief charms of golf. How boring would it be to be right down the middle, home in regulation and in the Read more…

Think & Play Like A Pro

Making better decisions leads to better scores

Lowering your scores on the golf course isn’t just about your ballstriking abilities. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and making better decisions based upon risk and reward, can improve your scoring immediately. The Tour pros you watch on television are constantly discussing and weighing the pros and cons of each shot with their caddies. Unfortunately, Read more…

Taking It To The Course

The Shots Of The Masters

No tournament is quite like the Masters. And although no course is like Augusta National, PGA Pro Jeff Ritter finds that his new home course of Poppy Hills comes close — close enough for him to show how he would approach every kind of shot situation were he teeing it at “The Toonamint.” And how you can, too.

Mind Games

How to train your brain for better golf

What separates the great players from the really good ones?

Mind Power

Apply my Five Cs for competitive golf and bring some mental power to your game

If you don’t think professional golfers play under considerable pressure, then you may not have seen this year’s major championships.