Slice: Rights, Boomers And Flares

Discover which slice is yours, then leave it forever

Down Then Around Forearm Release Drill
Make at least three practice swings, letting your forearms cross over so you finish with the butt end of the shaft pointing at the target line. Hit some half-shots and check your finish, making sure the butt end of the shaft points along the target line.

Fixing The Flare
Of all the different slice fixes, the Flare is the easiest to correct. You simply need to add more forearm rotation and link the turn with the movement of your body.

1. Aim your clubface slightly left of the target along with your hips and feet.
2. Deflare your front foot to encourage an earlier release of the clubhead.
3. Move the ball back in your stance about a ball width to guard against open shoulders.
4. Release your forearms through impact (see the Forearm Release Drill).
5. Be sure to rotate your body in sync with the rotation of your forearms. If you stop your body, you’ll pull the ball to the left.
6. Once the ball starts left of target and stays there on a regular basis, adjust your aim until the ball flies directly at the target.

These steps may sound complicated, but in reality, they’re a natural progression of moves to combat the series of mistakes repeated, lost and repeated again during the Vicious Slice Cycle. If you’re serious about ridding your game of the banana ball once and for all, follow the above-mentioned steps. There are other quick cures out there, but rarely do they fix the true root of the slice problem. The Slice Eradication Program, however, will produce tangible, lasting improvement.

PGA professional Dr. T.J. Tomasi is regarded as one of the top 100 teachers in America, and is one of the most widely published authorities on the golf swing. He currently instructs at Pistol Creek Golf Club located just outside Hartford, Conn.


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