Slice No More

Say adiós to the banana ball once and for all!

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4. Counterbalance

To keep yourself in balance and swinging on plane, it’s imperative that you “counterbalance” your body tilt and arm swing. In your followthrough, your eyes, arms and club shaft should mirror the club’s original address plane. Your spine angle will tilt to the right 90° to the swinging shaft. A swing that has momentum to the left, along with a spine that tilts to the right, will create stability “up the middle,” allowing you to swing aggressively and in balance.

5. Shoot For The Corner Pocket

Most people think a solid strike is into the “back of the ball.” In reality, a solid hit that curves left strikes the ball’s “inside” corner.

To help visualize this, imagine you’re standing on a pool table. As you swing, I want you to strike the inside of the ball as if you were driving it into the table’s right corner pocket (denoted by the red “pushpin”). This gets the club traveling on a path from inside the target line to outside the target line, encouraging a right-to-left spinning shot. Most golfers do the exact opposite, striking from the ball’s outside corner, thus pulling or slicing the ball from left to right. As long as your clubface continues to close through impact and you hit the ball’s inside corner, your slice will be gone forever.

6. Work Your Waggle

Waggle Straight Back = Inside Delivery
Waggle Too Inside = Over-The-Top Delivery
To deliver a more inside path to the ball (and thus eliminate your tendency to slice), rehearse a “waggle” where the downswing works below the backswing’s path. Set two balls on the turf, one on the target line and another just to the inside. Loop the clubhead over the outside ball on the backswing, then over the inside ball on the downswing. Take the same waggle shape into your full motion, and your slice will be a thing of the past.

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