Slice No More

Say adiós to the banana ball once and for all!

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1. Align & Visualize

To draw the ball,the first thing you need to have is the right image. Begin by setting your sights on a spot to the right of your target. This is your starting line. Now, imagine your ball beginning on that line (illustrated in white, above) and curving left, back to the target. Visualizing your shot will send valuable information to your muscles and help turn that image into a reality.

When setting up for a hook, it’s a good idea to close your stance a touch, as well. (Note how my left foot is slightly closer to the ball than my right.)

Just Right! My Club’s On Plane
Too Tall! My Arms And Shoulders Don’t Match

2. Bend Forward

A steep swing encourages an open clubface and, thus, a slice. To fix this, you have to swing on a flatter plane, and that starts at address.

Begin by bending over more during setup. This steepens your shoulder plane. Your arms now will swing on a flatter plane, allowing you to create a neutral, shallow hit. A flatter arm swing also will encourage your clubface to close through impact, thus bending the ball to the left.


3. Check Your Grip

Improper grip position and grip pressure are two of the biggest factors that cause a slice. To ensure that you keep the ball out of the right rough, I want you to first make sure your hands are in a position that encourages a closing clubface. This means adopting a neutral or strong grip where both hands are rotated more to the right on the shaft. Secondly, realize that the harder you squeeze, the more likely you’ll slice! If you really want to bend it left, make sure you adopt a grip where the hands and arms are soft and relaxed. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the tightest pressure, I want you to feel that a hook would happen at a level “3.”

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