Slice Killers!

Quick tips to help eliminate the dreaded banana ball once and for all

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Another great way to kill a slice is to train your body to swing the club more from inside the target line to outside the target line. Reason being, if you swing inside to outside, the clubhead will likely produce draw spin on the ball, helping to not only reduce slice spin, but also add some power to your golf shots.

To practice, tee up your golf ball as you normally would, then set two additional tees on the ground. Put one about two inches behind and to the inside of the target line, and another about two inches in front and to the right of the target line.

As you swing, try to either clip all the tees through the shot or, at the very least, pass over all the tees. If you opt to perform this drill without using a ball, try to clip all three tees and see if you can pop all three of them out of the ground in one single pass.

Use this drill to practice swinging inside to outside the target line. You’ll see that slice quickly disappear.


One of the fastest ways to stop slicing is to allow the arms to drop down at the onset of the downswing. Here I am at the top of my swing. I’ve made a good coil, my weight has shifted to my right leg, and I’m ready to unwind. This is the moment many slicers get mixed up. Instead of trying to immediately shift my weight and start rotating toward my forward side, I consciously make a move downward with my arms. In other words, I let them drop down just as I begin to
unwind my coil and start rotating through the shot. If I don’t do this, and instead leave my arms up as I rotate, it’s likely I’ll be too late into the downswing to release the arms, and I’m likely to come over the top of the ball and either smother-hook it or hit a big fat, left-to-right slice.

Go ahead and give this tip a try, and if you can find a full-length mirror, check to see if you can mimic the middle and lower photos you see on this page. In the middle one, my arms have clearly dropped before I’ve made my complete turn. In the lower photo, as my body turns, because my arms were in a dropped position, not only will I avoid coming over the top, but I’ll also be more prone to swing from inside the target line to outside the target line. Again, this is a great way to kill that slice!


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