No Spin Zone


#3 Turn The Toe Past The Heel Through Impact
This is a concept I pilfered from my former employer, Jack Nicklaus. Mr. Nicklaus used this technique whenever he needed to draw the ball from right-to-left, because he felt that having the toe of the club beat the heel to the golf ball encouraged the clubface to close through impact. The secret to mastering this face-closing procedure is to try to start the rotation of the clubhead prior to impact and complete the rotation just after impact. Most people simply don’t rotate the face enough in the downswing, or else, do it much too late. To get the proper feel, make some practice swings and freeze just after impact. Make sure your glove hand is below your non-glove hand every time. If your non-glove hand isn’t on top, you definitely need more hand rotation.

To make certain you rotate the clubface correctly through the ball, hold your position just past impact and double check that your right hand is above the left.

Tim Brown is a “Teacher of the Year” recipient and the Head Pro at Timberlane C.C. in Gretna, La


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