Fight the Right

How To Draw Your Slice & Start Hitting More Fairways


Square Your Shoulders
In theory, when someone tells you to aim at the target, you’d assume that means aim everything at the target, right? Wrong! The correct way is to aim the clubface at the target and position your shoulders parallel to that line. Aiming the shoulders to the left only accentuates a swing that cuts across the ball from outside-to-inside the target line, producing a weak slice. Conversely, if the shoulders point to the right of the target, you’re likely to either force the upper body to over-rotate or even swing too much from the inside. The goal is to swing from the inside, but not too much that the hands get stuck behind the body on the downswing. Stay neutral! The key to hitting draws involves a swing path dictated by the turn of the whole body, not just the shoulders.

Use A Club For Help
It’s not uncommon to see Tour pros use a club like this during their warm ups to remember to stay square. If you open or close too much, timing the right impact position becomes a real chore. Stay square to hit more draws!

Extend Your Arms
Sometimes, putting an end to the banana ball requires a simple swing thought that will inevitably control the entire swing. In this case, reminding yourself to extend your arms will help you close the clubface and prevent a slice-inducing, bent-arm, chicken wing position at impact. Also, extending the arms will likely encourage the rest of your body to continue turning, which in and of itself is another necessary ingredient to hit a draw. Speaking of which, hitting a draw (and not a snap hook) requires you to swing from inside out, and doing that requires your forward (my left) shoulder to remain above my back shoulder. Do that as you extend your arms and you’ll see that hitting a draw is a lot more natural than you might have thought!

Right over left
After impact, the ungloved hand should be on top of the gloved hand (as I’m doing here). If not, it’s a sign that the hands haven’t rotated properly. Rolling the hands will help you draw the ball and hook your slice once and for all.

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