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How To Draw Your Slice & Start Hitting More Fairways

How many times have you been told the reasons why you slice, without being told what you actually need to do to stop slicing? Too often I hear instructors explaining the cause and effects of sliced shots, without providing a shred of information on what kind of swing is required to prevent banana balls. If you find yourself agreeing with me, then my lesson in the next few pages should be right up your alley. Unlike other articles, we aren’t going to figure out why you’re slicing. That’s not going to get you anywhere, considering it only deals with half the problem. Instead, I’m going to teach you what it takes to draw the ball so you can start hitting more approach shots from the fairway instead of the right rough. Sound appealing? Good. Let’s hook that slice once and for all. 

Balance Your Setup In All Directions
To eliminate the slice, let’s start from the beginning. The address position should reflect an even weight distribution in every direction. In other words, your weight should be evenly distributed over both feet and proportionally on the balls and heels of your feet. For example, think of an infielder ready to catch a line drive. By flexing his knees and balancing himself in every direction, he’s ready to spring in any direction to catch the ball. As a golfer, you too should be in a similarly athletic position to be ready to make a golf swing. If you’re leaning one way or the other, it’s a sure bet your golf ball will lean to the left or right as well.

Avoid leaning
The natural inclination to fight a slice is to lean away from the ball, but in actuality, that will make your slice worse! Keep your balance in every direction, and you’ll see it’s easier to turn through the golf ball.


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