Cure Your Slice

How to fix your slice for good by learning to hit a draw

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Toes up or down? If you've heard that you should have the toe of the club pointing up through the swing to help fix your slice, I'm afraid you've received some faulty instruction. Here's why: To effectively square the clubface at impact, whether hitting a draw or not, you have to continually close the clubface, even past impact. If you're trying to swing and hold the toe up through the hit, the body will have to aggressively rotate more to compensate—a move that most average golfers simply can't do.

Here's how we do it. Starting from in front of the ball until after you make contact, the act of closing the clubface is what you need to do to eradicate a slice. Slice fixing won't come from an address position with a closed clubface and maintaining a shut face at impact. That's what most slicers incorrectly try to do, despite how difficult that can be to pull off. Instead, it's key to understand that the act of closing the clubface is what kills a slice, not the need to square the face at impact.

Hit a few 3⁄4 shots and emulate this position with the toe down, as you see here. The ball should go low and dribble off to the left. Once you do that consistently, dial up your speed. Keep swinging faster and concentrate on getting into this position. Soon your body will react differently, and that low, left dribbler will transform into a straight, or drawing, golf shot.

The secret to straighter shots is to hit with an open face. If you followed the advice on the previous page, you know you need to rotate the clubface through impact. Now, it's just a matter of dialing back your release to the point where the clubface, although still closing, hits the ball with a slightly open face. Why, you ask? Because the toe is moving faster than the heel, and the added momentum of the toe will, in turn, add draw spin upon contact with the face. In other words, the ball will compress more toward the toe, causing the ball to draw, even if the clubface is a hair open at impact.

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but my years of research prove this! Too many golfers are fixated on squaring the clubface through the shot, failing to realize that the only way to eradicate a slice is to continually rotate the clubhead through the ball. (If you try and hit the ball with a square face, you're likely to hit a big hook.)

Practice making swings so you feel as though your hands are closing through the ball, and work on releasing the hands a little later than you're maybe used to. It takes some trust, but as long as you're steadily closing the face, that slightly open-face angle will produce a straight shot.

In addition, by releasing yourself and your mind from forcing your body to square the clubhead, you may find that this technique helps you swing more naturally and easily.

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