Drop 10 Strokes In 10 Minutes

Score your best in 2011, quickly!

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Having a short pitch shot ought to be an easy one, right? Not if you have a tendency to chunk ’em. In most cases, chunked pitches come from an improper spine tilt at address. If anything, most golfers have too much negative spine tilt (the right shoulder is lower than the left). This causes the low point of the arc to move too far back in the stance, and you’ll hit the turf before the ball. To correct this fault in a hurry, consider a more level spine tilt at address, i.e., don’t raise your left shoulder so far above your right. A more level shoulder position will move your low point forward to help you hit the ball first, then the ground.


Bladed chip shots are never pretty, especially when you’re trying your best to get up and down to shoot a low score. Like a few other flaws I’ve covered in this article, bladed chips usually come from trying to lift the ball from off the ground. Again, this is a big no-no. To stop this nonsense once and for all, practice hitting a few shots with a tee about three to four inches in front of the ball. As you make your stroke, make sure with each chip, you clip that tee and pop it up off the ground. This mind/body memory trick will help you stay down and through over your chips and stop blading the ball and wasting strokes around the green.


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