25 Shots

A tee-to-green guide to great score-saving plays

Trouble Trouble

22. Soft Conditions
When playing out of soft conditions (including watery lies), you first must make sure your footing is solid, and be sure to choose one more club than usual so you don’t have to swing as hard. Most golfers panic in these situations and try to kill the ball, but that’s the worst possible technique. Instead, concentrate on swinging smoothly and making solid, ball-first contact. Know that the extra club will provide the distance you need and forget trying to hit it hard.

23. What To Do When You're In Trouble
First of all, don’t panic. Assess the situation objectively and try to minimize the damage if possible. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with taking a drop—you can still save bogey.

Big Trouble 24. How To Play Over & Under Obstacles
Playing over and under obstacles is simple if you keep your head and adjust three things: 1) Choose the correct club and don’t get greedy; 2) Adjust your ball’s position according to the shot at hand (front for high and back for low); and 3) Move your weight forward (for low) or back (for high) based on the shot you choose. 

 25. What To Do In Extreme Conditions
In extreme situations, don’t be afraid to take an unplayable lie—it’s better to take the penalty than to get yourself deeper in trouble, or possibly ruin your gear, yourself or both. Great shotmakers always know their limits.

Tom Stickney is the director of instruction at the Club at Cordillera in Vail, Colo. For more tips, visit www.tomstickneygolf.com.



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