25 Shots

A tee-to-green guide to great score-saving plays

Max Roll Vs. Max Carry 5. How To Go For Max Roll Vs. Max Carry
To produce maximum carry (great for tailwinds) or hit shots that roll the maximum distance, simply adjust tee height (higher for more carry and lower for more roll) or change your weight placement at address (on the rear foot to hit it higher or more on the forward foot to hit it lower). However, the most effective method is to change the action of your release through impact. If you “hold on” and keep the club from closing (right), you’ll see a super-high, left-to-right ballflight. If you allow yourself to release fully (far right), you’ll hit a lower, running shot.

6. How To Hit A High Draw
Tee up the ball higher to promote carry distance. Place the ball forward in your stance to allow the clubface to have a better opportunity to close through the impact zone, and relax your grip at address to allow for less tension at address. Swing the club from inside to outside through the impact zone, allowing your club to fully release, with the feeling that the toe of the club will pass the heel of the club on the way through the ball.

Iron Play

Knockdown 7. How To Play Under The Wind And How To Play With It
We all know that the knockdown shot is effective into the wind, but did you know that it’s as effective with the wind as well? To play this shot, begin by placing the ball in line with the rear portion of your sternum, with your weight on your forward foot. Take two clubs more than normal and choke down slightly; then make a 70-percent swing with a low backswing and low followthrough. This technique will cause the ball to fly lower and not be affected as much by the conditions of the golf course or the elements.

8. How To Minimize Spin
While shots that stop and spin back certainly elicit oohs and aahs, there are times when spin can hurt you. In order to decrease the amount of spin you impart to the ball, focus on making an arms-only swing. This will decrease the amount of lateral motion you have going through the ball and effectively will make your angle of attack shallower (like a U, not a V). To accomplish this, choke down on the club and swing easier, with minimal leg action. This shot tends to be very reliable and stops close to where it lands.

Minimize Spin 9. How To Fade A Wedge Shot
This is a difficult shot because the high loft of the wedges doesn’t impart much sidespin, making them difficult to intentionally fade. However, the faded wedge can be an extremely valuable scoring tool and it’s worth learning. Begin by aiming your body slightly left of the target, with the face of the club aimed directly at the target. Through impact, hold on with the last three fingers of your left hand (for right-handers) and pull across the ball. This will impart the desired left-to-right spin to the ball, allowing it to simply drop to the right after the apex of its flight. The harder you swing and hold on, the more the ball will slide.


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