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Equipment Trends On Tour
By Charlie Schroeder

You might be surprised to learn that some Tour pros don’t know how their equipment works. But Mike Helfrich, COO of Hot Stix Golf, says that may be changing. “The next generation of Tour players are more in tune with technology. They’ll try things to minimize bad shots.”

One way Tour pros improve their ballflight is to use premium shafts. “The clubhead gives them the look and feel they want, but it’s the shaft that gives them the desired ballflight.” Helfrich says players use lower-torque shafts to keep the clubhead from snapping closed, and higher-torque shafts to keep the clubhead from opening.

Another piece of equipment Tour players constantly fine-tune is their wedges. “Tour pros change wedges more often to keep their grooves sharp,” Helfrich says, noting that Vijay Singh has been known to switch out his wedge every week.

Helfrich notes that recent improvements in ball composition don’t benefit just Tiger, et al. Balls like the Bridgestone B330-RX are geared for swing speeds under 105 mph, and using the right one can really help slower swingers.

Of course, it helps everyone to be properly fitted, and as Helfrich says, once you find your perfect setup, there’s probably not a lot of need for adjustment.


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