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Practice With A PurposePractice With A Purpose
Notice how Steve Lowery checks the position of the club on the takeaway. By placing a shaft in the ground and utilizing it to check his backswing position, he’s effectively developing a more upright backswing rather than one that travels too much to the inside. The shaft in the ground lets him know where the club actually is instead of where it feels like it is. Follow Lowery’s lead and work on specific goals during your practice sessions; don’t just bang balls.

Position Perfect Position Perfect

At the top, I want to see the hands directly under the club, with the shaft of the club parallel to the target line. Most amateurs make the mistake of pointing the club to the right of the target at the top of the swing, which contributes to an over-the-top, outside-in swing path and a lot of slicing errors. In the position approaching impact, I want the butt of the club to be pointing at the ball, not inside it. This is on-plane.  

Leg Action Leg Action

Notice how Jonathan Byrd’s weight has moved into his left heel. This enviable position is the result of the proper rotation of the hips on the downswing. His right foot is being pulled up by this powerful rotation, and his left leg is straight, eerily similar to that of his idol, Ben Hogan. While most of us will never get our legs to work quite this well, implementing some of this terrific action can greatly improve your swingspeed.

Range Tools Range Tools
When you take the time to go to the range and practice, don’t waste the effort by mindlessly hitting balls. Instead, be like a professional golfer and have specific goals when you practice. One good method for helping ensure solid results from range time is to set up an organized, pro-style practice station every time you hit balls. Begin by laying one club along your toe line, parallel to the target line, and then place another club parallel to that, on the outside of your impact area. In addition, I recommend placing another club perpendicular to your toe line to monitor ball position.  

PGA Professional and GT Senior Instruction Editor Brady Riggs works with professional and amateur students at Woodley Lakes G.C.


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