Practice Like A Pro

PGA tour pro Kevin Streelman shows you how to play like one of the world's best players

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Stick with your natural swing. I’ve made a few adjustments to my golf swing, even some that occurred since being on the PGA Tour. But generally, I stick with what works for me, and try to make the most of it. Too often, amateurs take emulating the pros a bit too far and, in turn, neglect the good things about their swings in favor of certain moves that might not be best for their golf games. Yes, I flare my knees, and that may seem unusual, but it works for me and has helped me position myself among the game’s elite players out here on Tour.

So the next time you practice, focus squarely on basic fundamentals, and let the rest of your swing develop on its own. You’ll soon start to see what swing is most repeatable for you, and if your repeatable swing produces a fade, then go with it. Same goes for a draw or high or low trajectories. Stick with what works, and you’ll play better.


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