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Control your trajectory for better scoring

Chop ShotTo execute the shot, address the ball in the middle of the stance to promote a slightly lower trajectory, and grip the club in the normal way. Always take enough club to ensure you’ll clear the hazard, especially if the wind is directly into you. Again, it’s important not to hit down on the ball too aggressively, but instead to ease into the ball, keeping excessive spin off the shot. And don’t be overly afraid of landing in the hazard. Though it’s not the desired result, you should always play with a feeling of confidence, not trepidation. 

The Chop Shot
To execute this shot, set up as if to hit a bunker blast. Your weight should be favoring your front foot, and you should choke down slightly on the grip. It’s important to open the blade of the club slightly, as you might when hitting a bunker shot. The thick grass tends to close the clubface at impact, taking the loft out of the shot. You must also be sure to swing down on a relatively steep angle. Otherwise, the club will get caught in the grass and lose the power necessary to extricate the ball.

At impact, be sure to accelerate aggressively through the grass and the ball. Any kind of tentative pass will result in a poor outcome. Also, don’t release the club through the ball as you would on a full shot. Allow your left arm to chicken-wing slightly, which will keep the clubface square and moving toward the target.
Class A PGA pro Guy Redford teaches at Dundonald GC, located near Troon, Scotland.



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