Curve On Command

The Diamond Drill
  • Arrange four balls in a diamond with two feet between each ball. The top ball of the diamond should be on the target line. Tee up the rear ball—this is the one you’ll hit.
  • Your task is to hit three balls per series: one that starts over the right ball and curves back to the target; the second goes directly to the target over the front ball; and the third shot starts over the left ball of the diamond and fades back to the target.
  • Use a 5-iron on a tee, and once you’re successful, off the ground. Then change to a driver.
  • If you can do three series in a row perfectly with both clubs, head for the Tour.

Here are some key concepts that will help you:
  • Make sure you imagine the shot by seeing, feeling and actually describing it to yourself.
  • Program in the curve you want with your practice swing followthrough. For the draw, finish with the back of your right hand (for right-handed golfers) looking at the sky and the handle of your club tilted toward the target line. It’s the opposite for a fade.
  • Match your grip pressure to the shot. For a fade, tighten your hold on the club in both hands, but increase it the most in your left hand so the face stays open. To draw the ball, decrease your grip pressure. This will activate your wrists, giving them the flexibility to work the clubface into a slightly closed position through the hitting zone.

Dr. T.J. Tomasi is one of the most widely published authorities on the golf swing. He’s the director of instruction at Lyman Orchards GC in Middlefield, Conn.


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