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25 Best Short-Game Tips Ever!

#11 11. Right-To-Left Putts
On a right-to-left-breaking putt, set up with the ball slightly back (about two ball widths) in your stance and with your hands ahead of the ball so that the shaft leans forward. These adjustments will encourage a stroke that comes to the ball on a slightly inside-to-square path (right). More importantly, it minimizes the likelihood of cutting across the ball and pulling it left—the low side—of the hole.

Straight Putts 12. Straight Putts
On a straight putt, focus on keeping the puttershaft in a perfectly vertical position at setup and impact (see photo at left). This will help you utilize the putter’s loft and impart a true roll.

Left-To-Right Putts 13. Left-To-Right Putts
Position the ball forward by two ball widths and keep your hands behind the ball so that the shaft tilts slightly away from the hole. From here, it’s next to impossible to push the putt. Instead, your putter will travel along a square-to-square path.

#14 14. Choke Down
To help prevent fat chips and pitches, try the under-reach technique. Begin by assuming your address position, with your arms hanging to their natural length. Choke down on the club about an inch, and hover the club just off the ground as you get ready to execute the shot. The combination of choking the grip and hovering the club will help you guard against hitting the shot fat. When you finally make a swing, simply concentrate on contacting the bottom half of the ball.

#15 15. Pitch It Close
To keep poor chips (evidenced by the wrist breakdown at left) at bay, you need an abrupt takeaway and relatively steep downswing. To learn this technique, try laying a headcover down a couple of feet behind the ball at setup. Practice taking your backswing without making contact with the headcover. This will force the desired, abrupt takeaway and steep downswing, leading to better contact and increased spin.


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