Get Low To Chip Better

Better chipping in a hurry

To chip your best, I recommend you keep things simple. By that, I mean you need to trust your instincts and stop trying to watch where the ball goes before you finish hitting it! In the sequence above, notice that through the stroke, my posture stays inverted through the shot. That's to be desired if you want to make crisp, solid, consistent contact with the ball. Also, I like to play my chip shots with my knees flexed and my hands low and close to my body. This helps me feel as though I'm more in control of the shot. Try this the next time you chip, and keep your hands as close as possible to your legs (without actually touching them, of course).

A great way to practice your chipping is to do what I'm demonstrating in the photo above. Play the ball just off the inside of your right foot, about a grip's length away from your body. This will help you "cover" your chip shots a little better and control your trajectory and spin.

Remember, to be a better chipper, don't lose your spine angle before the shot is finished and stay low through the stroke. By the way, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus both chipped this way in their prime. And, hey, if it worked for them, it certainly will work for you, too.

Pomp Braswell teaches at the Jim McLean Golf School at Sunridge Canyon GC in Fountain Hills, Arizona. To get more information, visit the school's website at

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