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5 Ways To Knock It Close

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Bonus Drill!

When you chip, one of the biggest misconceptions is that your lower body and head should remain frozen, just like when you putt. But that’s not the case. In fact, one of the signs of a poor chipper is that he freezes over the ball and gets extremely ball bound. Good chipping involves letting your center (or navel) flow, so it synchronizes with the swinging of the club.

A good drill to ingrain that feeling is to place the club in your navel, and choke down so your hands grip the shaft. Once you have that, practice pivoting so your body flows back and through. This should include your lower body, and your head in the follow-through. Then grip the club normally and practice with that same sensation.

Zachary Allen, PGA, teaches at DeBell Golf Course in Burbank, Calif. A former Mini Tour player, Allen has won 20 worldwide titles.


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