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Wide And Low

If folding up creates height, then widening things out a bit will produce the opposite effects. Allow your arms to extend on both sides of your swing with minimal wrist action. You'll create a shallower strike with less speed, thus creating a lower launch.

Fold To Flop

To hit a high pitch, or flop shot if you will, I like to think of keeping my hands and arms close to my body. Doing this means I have to allow my wrist and elbow joints to quickly fold up on both sides of the swing. As you can see in these contrasting sequences, one shot is for a low runner, while the other is for a high floater. The high shot has what I call "fold and throw." That means, in addition to the arms and hands folding close to my torso, the clubhead is allowed to "throw" a bit past the handle into the hit, as well, as a means of creating maximum loft.

Educated Hands

Hitting creative shots around the green is a component of understanding how to control distance and trajectory for any situation. Being that wedges are designed for shotmaking versatility, this process largely involves learning how to use your hands to deliver a variety of lofts with the same club.

Here I've hit a flop shot, and my hands played a pivotal role in doing so. The following page shows you what hand I used to hit this shot.


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