Short Game CPR

How To Resuscitate Your Short Game With Three Simple Tips

common chipping errors 


Here, I’ve made a handful of mistakes. First, my body weight is still on my back foot, causing me to release my hands too soon. In this case, I’ll either hit it fat or blade it (which is what I’ve done here). Also, the second big flaw is my lack of rotation. By not rotating my body, my hands are going to reach the impact zone too soon, and by the time they reach the ball, I’ll be hitting too much on
the upswing.

The right way to play this shot is to be aggressive and strike the sand on a downward blow. To do this, keep your weight forward and remember to rotate your body fully through the shot. Look at the difference in hip and knee positions here and on the opposite page. By “knocking my knees” on the followthrough, I know I’ve hit this shot from my forward side. As for the hands, they should release after impact.

Derek Hooper, PGA, is the Director of Instruction at Lake of Isles Golf Academy in Connecticut. He has more than 15 years teaching experience in the U.S., as well as in Australia, Japan and Taiwan. For more information, log on to


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