Short Game CPR

How To Resuscitate Your Short Game With Three Simple Tips

dont scoop the ball trust in loft


If you find yourself trying to scoop the ball when hitting pitch shots,it’s probably because you don’t understand the mechanics of how pitching should work. The key is an understanding of loft. With a pitching or sand wedge, you have to trust the club has plenty of loft, and the way to take advantage of it isn’t to scoop up, but rather hit down on the ball! Any time you try and hang back on the shot, you’re destined to hit it fat or thin more often than you’ll produce a good result.

Here we go. In this sequence, I’ve put my trust in the loft and allowed my body to shift toward my forward foot while accelerating through the ball. Notice the difference in hand positions here and on the opposite page. You can clearly see that my hands are leaning toward the target and I’m going to hit the ball on the downswing. This is how to do it! Also, look at the difference in my hip positions. I’ve rotated my body fully through the ball, further ensuring that I committed to the shot and didn’t hold anything back.


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