Short Game CPR

How To Resuscitate Your Short Game With Three Simple Tips

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When someone refers to “saving your score” on a particular hole, it typically requires a chip, pitch or bunker shot to get the ball up and down. These three shots can have the biggest impact on your score when learned and executed properly, since you can only do so much to make up strokes from the tee box or on the green. But around the green, using my simple methods for consistent results will help bresuscitate your round no matter how tough a ballstriking day you may have. In the next few pages, you’ll see how easy it is to become more proficient around the green by using these tips for all three shots. It’s time to save your score with Short Game CPR.

common chipping errors correct impact position


Three of the most common chipping errors are assuming the ball should be played way back in the stance, believing the hands need to flip over to get the ball airborne and thinking that your weight should be on your back foot. Wrong! These three errors, whether independent or in cahoots with one another, will produce poor results. Check your chipping style and see if you’re guilty of any of these mistakes before your next round
of golf.

Ah, now that’s better. The above photo illustrates the correct impact position while chipping. You can see the shaft is still perpendicular to the ground, even after impact. This proves I had my weight and hands forward, and I’ve avoided any breakdown of the wrists through impact with the ball. Hold this position, and you’ll start seeing better results.


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