Save More Pars

Get Up And Down More Often

Grip Control
Grip thickness can play a huge role in how well you execute your golf shots, and with your wedge shots, it can help you fine-tune your shotmaking ability. If you struggle with too much hand action, i.e, you flip your chips, try using thicker or fatter grips on your wedges. If you need more action, go with skinnier models. Either way, choosing the right grip diameter for your swing and for your tendencies is among the simplest ways to make a quick fix.  

Execute Effectively
You may know how to play a variety of golf shots, but knowing when to play what is just as important. And in case you were wondering, the way Phil Mickelson hits high and short lob shots probably isn’t the way you should do it. In other words, this means playing lower shots whenever possible. Why? Simple—lower shots have forward momentum and are more likely to reach the hole than a high, finesse shot is. With a lower shot, you need to factor distance and direction, whereas, a higher shot requires you to assess trajectory, spin, distance and direction. So when you can, hit the lower shot and use the contours of the course to your advantage. You’ll save par more often.

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