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Hold The Face Open To Lob It
A good lob shot means hitting through the golf ball with an open face so the ball flies up and stops in a hurry. To hit this shot, you have to be able to go against conventional wisdom and make a swing while holding the clubface open as long as possible through the shot. To do this, you have to master the art of swinging outside-in—that is, from outside the target line to back inside the target line on the forwardswing. If you can master that, holding the face open will be a lot easier to do.

Activate The Lower Body
Although much has been said about how the upper body should perform, it’s just as important to know how the lower body should work during the swing. My advice? Let the lower body get active in the swing. Don’t restrict your motion. That isn’t the same as adding excessive lower-body motion; rather, as your body rotates, so too does your lower body. With the pitch shot I’m hitting here, notice how my right knee is rotated in through the shot, and my hips are opened as I finish the swing. For chip shots, you’ll rotate less, but the point is to allow your lower body the necessary motion to make sure the clubhead is square to your upper body and you can swing freely without any forced restrictions. Do that and you’ll see how being comfortable over your short shots is key to helping you hit better shots from around the green.

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