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What’s In A Face?

So how did the new (2010) wedge rule affect Tour pros’ scoring? Not by a whole heck of a lot. Players still got up and down from everywhere, stopping the ball on a dime and sucking it back from gnarly lies. Makes you wonder if it’s the ball, not the wedge, that matters most around the greens?

Or maybe manufacturers figured out a way to build a wedge face that conforms to the rules but still grabs the ball and makes it spin at 10,000 revolutions per minute.

Here’s a quick look at three wedges that conform to the new rules, their faces and why they work.

Callaway X Series Jaws CC ($120)
Callaway’s new wedge series was designed by master wedge maker Roger Cleveland. (The CC stands for “Condition of Competition.”)

What did Mr. Cleveland do to ensure that the CCs produce high-spinning shots from 100 yards and in? He squeezed 21 sharp-edged forged grooves into the club’s face so there’s more to grab onto your ball. (That’s 40% more grooves, in case you’re counting.) Available in 14 different loft/lie combos and available in chrome and slate finishes.

Cleveland CG16 Satin Chrome Wedges ($120)
Forgiveness in a wedge? Who needs that? A lot of people. Apparently Cleveland recognized that too, because they constructed a cavity-back one with a slightly larger-sized clubhead. The CG16 also boasts a laser-milled face with micro-grooves that squeeze in between each larger, more pronounced groove. It’s those extra grooves that help grab the ball and not let go.

TaylorMade TP XFT ($89)
Aside from buying a new wedge or sharpening your grooves, the best way to ensure that your grooves stay sharp is to replace the face. Replace the face? Indeed.

Last year, TaylorMade, kings of adjustability that they are, introduced the TP XFT with an exchangeable face. When your face wears down or you’re no longer satisfied with the amount of spin you’re getting, simply spend $40 for a new one and, voila, you’ve got yourself a “new” wedge.


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