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Six Tips To Get Up And Down

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Your golf swing is an arc. That means that your clubhead must swing away from the target line, back to the target line and then back away again in a pure circular arcing motion. And it’s your arms that build the shape of your pitching swing and thus help you create consistent contact.

To create a perfect arc, make some swings where you feel as though your left and right arms act as “doors” that close against your body. In the backswing, swing your left arm against your chest. In the followthrough, swing your right arm against your chest. Notice how in the backswing, as the left arm works against your chest, the right arm must relax and fold back behind the seam that runs down the side on your golf shirt? In the followthrough, as the right arm swings across your chest, notice how the left arm now folds back behind the left-side seam?

Feeling this sequence: “left arm across—right arm across,” “right arm behind—left arm behind,” will help you understand and feel the arm movement necessary for building a perfect arc on any shot that you hit!


• Left arm across—right arm across
• Right arm behind—left arm behind
• Understand how this simple sequence builds the arcing shape of any shot that you hit!


No matter how long your shot is, it’s important that your feet act in a manner to support the swinging of the club. A fantastic way to feel how the feet facilitate contact, balance and rhythm is to utilize this walking-and-swinging drill.
With your feet together, start swinging the club. Your hands and arms should control the movement, creating an even-sided pendulum-style motion. As the clubhead swings into the backswing, take a small step forward with your front foot. Swing through, clipping the turf as you allow your back foot to gently release into the finish."

1. Place three balls on the ground and strike the first ball...

2. ...then, without stopping, walk up and hit the second ball...

3. ...and finally strike the third ball. This will help your hands and feet work together in unison.

Once you get the feel, line up three balls a couple of inches apart. Walk and swing, gradually moving toward your line of balls, striking each one in succession. Once you get clicking, you should feel how the hands and feet work together in rhythm to create each effortless hit.


• Start with feet together
• Pendulum swing
• Walk and swing together
• Feel back foot release from turf through the hit


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