Hip To Be Square

approach.3.jpgPractice the above mentioned alignment routine with the Wright Angles of Alignment or cardboard slats to verify or guide you into a square setup. After a while, the routine will become instinctual and you’ll reinforce in your mind’s eye what square not only looks like, but feels like, too. The guides should also be used to develop the most reliable of putting strokes—one that travels straight back and straight through along the intended line.

approach.4.jpgFinal Thoughts
Developing a straight, natural putting line and squaring your body lines and putterface at address aren’t the only determinants of a successful putt. In perfecting your putting game, focus on these four key fundamentals.

Grip: Research shows that if you grip the putter too strongly or too weakly, you’ll aim the putterface right and left of your target, respectively, even if you perceive your putterface as being square at address. Strive for neutrality.

Forward-Press: If you forward-press, be certain that your hands remain neutral (that is, under your shoulders).

Finish Position: Your finish position will tell you a lot about your stroke. If your finish position is down the line and square, you’ll find a lot more of your putts tracking toward your target. If your finish position is down the line, but your putterface is either open or closed, expect less-than-spectacular results; likewise if your finish is inside or outside the target line.

Ball Position: Where the ball is played in your stance affects your ability to properly align your shoulders. Playing the ball too far forward will force you to open your shoulders at address. Conversely, if the ball is played too far back, your shoulders will be aligned closed to the target line.

Remember, it’s hip to be square. Be neutral and balanced. If you must favor a particular weight distribution, make it one that features more of your weight placed over your front foot. This will ensure a stroke that continues down the target line after contact with the ball is made.

PGA professional Dr. David F. Wright is founder of the Wright Balance Golf Academy. For more information, visit www.wrightbalance.com.


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