The Knuckle Ball Flop Shot

Keep An Open Face For A Soft Landing

How do top-tier pros like Phil Mickelson pull off those amazing flop shots time after time? And what situation warrants this kind of pretty, delicate shot in the first place? The flop shot is useful when you’ve got little green to work with. For instance, if you’re just off the side of a green with Read more…

Solid Chip Shots Every Time

Tools To Shore Up Your Short Game

A solid short game is the linchpin of great golf. Even the top pros miss the green quite often, which is why they work so hard on those vital up-and-down opportunities to save par. I can’t emphasize enough how this part of your game should be at the center of your practice routine, and it Read more…

Put Your Sand Game In Two Buckets

Make Swing Steep or Shallow To Fit The Shot

It’s always a big question for teachers when they’re working on the all-important sand game with their students: Should you use the same swing plane for all types of greenside bunker shots? The answer is no, not at all. Different situations call for different swings, and it all comes down to how far you want Read more…

For Beginners Only: The Pitch Shot

A Few Basics For This Short Game Staple

Thinking of how to hit a pitch shot in golf? In this guide, we will provide you with the steps that you need to know, making it easy for you to learn.

When You WANT A Golf Flop

Land The Ball Like A Butterfly From Short Range

How many times have you faced this situation: you just missed the green and short-sided yourself to the hole, meaning you don’t have much green to work with between your ball and the cup. You have a little rough to carry so you can’t putt or bump and run the ball onto the green. You Read more…

Anti-Fundamentals Of The Short Game

The dictionary defines a fundamental as the basic function or movement of something. The game of golf has its own set of fundamentals. They serve as our basic framework for golf instruction and help us work within the laws that govern ball flight and ball control. However, as instructors and coaches we sometimes inadvertently misuse Read more…

Beat The Golf Anchoring Ban

You Can Keep That Perfect Pendulum — And Not Just With The Putter

On January 1, 2016 the USGA implemented Rule 14-1b, which prohibits anchoring a club while making a stroke. Anchoring a club to a player’s sternum or belly allows a player to easily swing the golf club in a pendulum-like motion. This golf anchoring ban affected many golfers at all levels. Benefits of making a pendulum-like Read more…

The Baby Y Drill

Put your hands in this position for crisp chips and pitches
The Baby Y Drill

Quick Tips | Chipping and Pitching Drill I see a lot of golfers set up incorrectly by having their hands hanging straight down and the club shaft is vertical, with the hands even with the golf ball. In Photo 1, you can see that I have pressed my hands towards the target to give me forward shaft Read more…

The Long Bunker Game

Take The Easy Way Out
The Long Bunker Game

Photo 1 For long greenside bunkers — traditionally one of the most daunting shots in golf — don’t reduce your margin of error and make the shot harder than it already is. Too many golfers try to hit closer to the ball and take less sand, thus reducing their margin of error. Instead, use a Read more…

How To Be A Chip-Shot Champion

Everything You Need To Know To Leave a Tap-In Putt
How To Be A Chip-Shot Champion

Missing greens is pretty much the norm for average golfers. In fact, statistical studies over many years prove that higher handicappers miss almost 16 greens each round, and the majority of those misses are short of the green (a topic for another instructional piece). That’s an overwhelming statistic. But it also reveals what area of Read more…