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A LITTLE EARLIER in this story, I showed you how to make the “perfect pendulum” putting swing. There are two important reasons to swing the putter with arms in a relaxed position and leave your wrists out of your stroke:

1. IT'S HARDER TO CONTROL your putt’s distance with your wrists. Too many things can go wrong when your wrists play a dominant role.

2. OVERACTIVE WRISTS LEAD to off-line putts. Your putterface is much harder to keep level and straight when you’re “flipping” your hands during your stroke.

To ensure that your wrists remain quiet, try my “sleeve drill.” Take a full sleeve of golf balls and place it between you forearms about four inches above your wrists. Next, make a stroke so that your wrists don’t break down (and the sleeve doesn’t buckle). By keeping the sleeve firmly in place, your arms will work together to make a stroke that doesn’t put too much emphasis on your wrists.


I OFTEN SEE golfers walk up to a putt, then place their putter behind the ball and readjust their stance. Usually after all these adjustments, they think they’re lined up perfectly, but in reality, their body lines, target line and putter lines are all crossed. Why? They didn’t line up the most important component first.

After you’ve figured out which way your putt breaks and lined up your ball to the break, walk up and place your putterhead behind the ball and aim it toward either the hole or a spot on your target line (whichever is most appropriate). See a line extending from your ball into the hole. Then (and only then) should you line up your feet on a line parallel to your target line. From there, just make a stroke. It’ll be a lot easier to start the ball on the correct line when your body lines are parallel to your target line.

PGA pro Nick Kumpis teaches in Southern California.

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