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LINE UP THREE BALLS about 10 feet from the cup. Stroke the first two while keeping your eyes focused on the hole. Don’t look at the ball; just make good strokes and look at the cup.

Next, address your ball normally, but rather than becoming “ball bound,” I want you to retain the image you had when you looked at the hole. That is, in your mind’s eye, I want you to picture the cup while you make a stroke. Feel the difference?




Staying visual like this improves not only your distance, but also your accuracy. Its bonus benefit? It eliminates unnecessary technical thoughts, too. Stay visual!


ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT keys to good putting is to be able to roll the ball end over end. It seems simple enough to do, but if the ball isn’t struck solidly, it’ll “wobble” and go off line.

A great way to practice this is to draw a line around your ball with a Sharpie (see below). Once you’ve done that, find a straight putt and aim the line at the hole and see if you can get it to roll end over end, staying straight the entire length of the putt. If the line doesn’t stay straight, you’re not putting a solid, centered stroke on the ball.

Continue practicing this drill until the ball rolls and the line doesn’t “wobble” from side to side. If you can consistently do that, then you’ve found a stroke that’ll stay on the line you’ve intended.

BEFORE YOU STROKE your putt, take a Sharpie and mark a line on your ball with the Line-M-up tool (finetunegolf.com). That’ll help you align your ball exactly where you want it to go.

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