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If you want to be a complete golfer, you have to become a masterful putter

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One thing many of my junior players love to do is compete against each other on the putting green. Learn from the younger players and play some games either with a friend or by yourself. Practicing like you play is very important. I suggest playing a "round" of golf on the practice green and keeping track of your score. Make every hole a par-2, read each putt and go through your routine just as if you're playing for real.

Another great way to improve your putting is to find time on the course where things aren't busy and hit extra putts. Mark your ball, read your putt and do everything you do when you're playing a round. Good practice will lead to good putting!

Need a new putter? There's one for you, no matter what your budget.

With 16 models to choose from, Cleveland's new Classic Collection ($79) offers something for everyone. All models are made from 17-4 stainless steel and come in three different finishes: black platinum, platinum and BRZ (bronze). What really intrigued us, however, was how well made and gimmick-less they were. There's nothing spaceship-like about them, just good solid craftsmanship. They come in three lengths (33", 34", 35") and with CNC-milled clubfaces.

The handsome, dark finish on PING's new Scottsdale putter line ($140-$180) stands in contrast to its white and maroon alignment aids, making at least the mallets that much easier to address (the blades don't have the maroon coloring). With 14 models to choose from, including the new Wolverine model, there's something for everyone and every taste: conventional length, midlength and long, Anser2, B60 and Craz-E Too. While we loved their soft feel and the numerous model options, what stuck out the most was the finish. It just looks classy, even on the "futuristic" models.

Plop's new RSVP 2 CSH 1 ($250) is a response to PING's famous Anser model. Standing for "Center Shafted Hosel," the CSH 1 features a separately milled hosel and body, rather than one milled piece. This unique "floating" hosel fits the back of the putterhead right where you make contact, and for us, that produced really solid-feeling putts. Comes in 325-, 345- and 375-gram weights, and lengths from 30 to 37 inches. Custom options, including LH versions, available.


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