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The number-one fundamental for proper direction is having the club face square at impact. As I mentioned in the grip section, your grip pressure is crucial to maintain the same pressure throughout the stroke. If the right hand increases grip pressure, it will close the putterface, and the ball will go to the left, and if the left hand increases, the putterface will go to the right. The goal is to achieve balanced pressure from start to finish to keep the clubface from twisting. My favorite drill is the one-hand stroke. Putt a few with just your left hand and a few with your right hand on the club. You will feel immediately which hand likes to take over.

Another area where I've seen differences in successful putting strokes is with stance and feet alignment. Since putting doesn't require a long swing, the lower body's goal is to stay still. Some players accomplish this with a wide stance, while others like to have a narrow stance to feel centered. Either one will work as long as you keep the weight distribution the same throughout the stroke. There's no transferring of weight in putting. Stay balanced. Don't be afraid to mix it up and try something new!

A very confusing fundamental for putting is alignment. There have been great putters like Ben Crenshaw who putted with an open stance and great putters like Gary Player who putted with a closed stance. If you look at the pictures below, you'll see that the key that all great putters possess is to keep the shoulders and arms square to the target line. Changing the feet alignment can help some golfers see the target line easier. Just remember that your arms and shoulders need to be aligned correctly.


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