Putting With The Pistol

Quiet The Hands To Find The Hole

Many amateur players have very active hands and wrist when putting. This activity causes many inconsistencies in their putting and leads to putts short of the hole or rolling the ball well past the hole. They tend to throw the club head back first on the backswing and then flip the right hand through the Read more…

Perfect Practice Putting

Six Great Ways To Build A Winning Stroke

Earl Cross is one of those golfers who’s never satisfied with his game. In other words, he’s like all golfers. So, the Grass Valley, California resident embarked on a mission to create a practice system that would build on his decades of experience as a teacher of youth and adults. And do that, he decided Read more…

Make Some Putting ‘Change’

Put Those Pocket Coins To Good Use

Ever wondered how to make a few of those monetary ballmarkers burning a hole in your pocket do double-duty when you’re practicing? Well here’s a great way to turn your loose change into a handy putting aid anytime you’re grooving your stroke. What it Addresses: Hitting a solid putt, with the correct speed, will allow Read more…

Climb The Ladder for Better Putting

A Drill To Help You Dial In Distance

Having trouble controlling the distance your putts travel? The most important element of putting is being able to control distance. Why? Because “Distance Controls Direction.” A putt that travels beyond the hole will curve less, while a putt that is barely making it to the hole will curve much more. That’s why you should seek to Read more…

See and Feel Those Breaking Putts

Put Both Elements Into Play To Find the Bottom

Putting asks for only two functions to master: speed and direction, line and pace, spot and roll … whatever you call it, they need to be done! In this article we will address a downhill, left to right breaking putt, the most unpopular putt choice for most right-handed golfers. To become a good putter you have to Read more…

Beat The Golf Anchoring Ban

You Can Keep That Perfect Pendulum — And Not Just With The Putter

On January 1, 2016 the USGA implemented Rule 14-1b, which prohibits anchoring a club while making a stroke. Anchoring a club to a player’s sternum or belly allows a player to easily swing the golf club in a pendulum-like motion. This golf anchoring ban affected many golfers at all levels. Benefits of making a pendulum-like Read more…

Use Your Noodle 2

Keep your lower body still to drill those putts right into the hole
Use Your Noodle 2

In 2015, in the pages of Golf Tips, I introduced my “Use Your Noodle” plan to help golfers improve their game, and it caught on so well with readers that we’re keeping the noodle — in other words, those long, cylindrical foam swimming aids you can pick up at any sporting goods store or major Read more…

Get In Line To Sink More Putts

Use this fail-safe system to save crucial strokes on the green
Get In Line To Sink More Putts

Where you are aiming and where you think you are aiming are often different. I encourage the use of alignment rods to get truly on line. Find a straight putt on the practice green and place an alignment stick parallel to the right of the target line (Photo 1). When you set up make sure Read more…

Get Fitted!

The importance of fitting the various putter specs to help improve your game around the greens

When it comes to scoring in golf, there’s nothing that replaces making putts to truly lower your score. Sure, you should practice, but are you using the correct putter to make it easier to roll that ball into the hole? Golf Tips asked one of the leading putter designers, Vikash Sanyal, for some help in Read more…

Use Your Senses

Putt better with a cleaner mind

If you think the secret to lower scores is to hit hundreds of golf balls out on the practice tee, I have news for you: It isn’t.